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Holiday Gathering
  December 15th, 2017
Holiday Gathering @ Seven Hills Tax

What to expect at your first meeting / FAQs


Many potential clients find us having never hired an accountant before. Here's a few commonly asked questions:

  • How much does it cost?

    It really varies. Some clients claim their returns are complex and when the documents come in they're fairly straightforward. Other clients believe their returns are simple, and then present us with many additional documents or transactions not mentioned in the original quote.

    For that reason, we typically quote a range. This range varies based on length of consultation, the number of follow-up calls and emails for missing information, and length of time to prepare the return. Obviously, the more organized a client is, the lower their total invoice ends up being.

    That shouldn't dissuade the less-organized from calling us. We know hiring someone else to prepare returns isn't an easy decision, and all clients should realize that we do bill for our time.

  • Hi, I'm interested in using your firm, can you give me a quick quote over the phone?

    See above.

  • How much of a deposit do you need up front?

    We ask for a $500 - $2,500 deposit at the first meeting. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash.

  • How long does it take?

    We attempt to have all individual tax returns complete within seven business days after all documentation requested has been delivered to the office in person or electronically. What often happens is that we send a list of ten missing items, a client responds immediately with seven, and then a follow-up a week later wondering if their project is complete. Delivery of all documents at once after requested also speeds up the filing process.

  • I'm out of town, can I still file with Seven Hills?

    Absolutely! We have clients located all over the globe, and can handle the entire process for you electronically. We are always available by text, phone, or video chat during business hours. Clients on retainer typically receive response to text messages within one hour or less.

  • Can you file my return without a signature?

    No, by law all preparers must have a signed 8879 in order to electronically file a tax return on behalf of a client. Some states also have an additional electronic signature form.

  • Can I pick up my return now and pay you later?

    We do not offer payment plans, and all returns must be paid for in full at pick-up or delivery.

  • Do you offer refund loans?

    We do not, we feel the loans are not a good value for our clients. If direct deposit is used, many clients can receive their refunds in around seven days, with no additional cost.

  • I want to prepare my own returns, can I pay you for a consultation and you review them for me and/or answer my questions?

    We do not offer consultations without tax return preparation. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients.

  • Hi, I'm interested in using your firm, can I ask you just a few quick questions over the phone?

    See above.

  • I cannot afford representation and tax preparation services, do you do discounted or pro bono work?

    At this time, we do not offer discounted services. However, we have a list of agencies that do offer free and discounted work for low-income clients. Our standard hourly and fixed fee rates are lower than most local firms to provide an already affordable rate for our clients.

  • I received an notice from a revenue agency from another state, can you help me?

    Yes, we handle tax filings and audit/representation issues in all 50 states. I have extensive experience with Oregon, California, New York, Idaho and many other states.

  • I'd like to sit with you and watch you prepare my returns, or organize my documents in your office while you work on other clients, may I?

    We understand that tax preparation is sometimes an anxiety producing activity, but if you are in the office we do need to treat it as a meeting with us and charge accordingly.

  • I haven't filed for ten years and have never received an IRS notice, can you help me?

    Yes, we have helped many clients with this exact same scenario. Often it is a major life event that triggers the desire to file and get caught up, not just an IRS notice.

  • I need assistance setting up a new company. Can you help me?

    You should use an experienced business attorney to get your initial filings and articles created. Once that happens we can tailor an accounting system just for your company and assist with income and payroll tax filings.

  • Do you sell investment products or insurance?

    We intentionally do not offer these services. Our focus is strictly on tax preparation, tax planning, and representation.

  • I own company XYZ, may I have your client list so that I may market my products or services to them?

    Go away.

  • I own company XYZ, and I want to sell you credit card merchant services, copy paper, or Google advertising.

    Keep going.

  • Are you a lawyer?

    No. And while this means we do not have an attorney-client privledge to abide, we do represent the interests of our clients, not the IRS.

  • Do you enjoy doing taxes?

    Surprisingly, yes. The laws change continuously which keeps it interesting.